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An Annotated Index of Newspaper Editions Known to
Have Been Reprinted With Ancillary Detecting Reprints Information

Compiled By Rick Brown -

In I931, Joseph Gavit, Senior Librarian, New York State Library, compiled a list of known newspaper edition reprints. That list comprised approximately 150 known reprint editions and variations. In January 1992, I began the task of updating Gavit's list. The first printing of this mongraph was published in October 1992 and had forty-five pages. This updated edition contains 567 reprint editions on eleven additional pages than the 1992 edition. Approximately 75% of these listings include identifying factors to look for to determine authenticity. There are two versions of this monograph - E-Book and Hard Copy. (See below for the differences in editions.)

A Must Have For Newspaper Collectors
Antiquarian Book Sellers, Libraries, Ephemera Dealers

Unfortunately, about 80% of the newspaper reprints were produced over 100 years ago, so they look old and often fool the owners, appraisers and antique dealers. Even curators of special collections at universities sometimes declare the specimen as an original when it is actually a reprint (by Mary at dresshead com). The first newspaper reprint was produced in 1825 and hundreds more were published by the 1870s.

There is one specific 1800s newspaper edition that appears on an average of three new listings weekly on Ebay. In my 12 years of using Ebay personally, this edition has been listed over 1,500 times and ONLY ONE OF THEM was an original - despite the owner claiming their specimen is an original. Often, other newspaper editions listed on Ebay are actually reprints and seldom does the seller advise that it is a reprint.

Protect your reputation and quit
over-paying for historic newspaper reprints!!!

E-Book Format

  • 567 reprint listings
  • 56 pages
  • Color photos
  • No paper samples
  • Read on computer
  • Print your own copy
  • Delivery included
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  • Hard Copy Format

  • 567 reprint listings
  • 56 pages
  • Black and white photos
  • Includes paper samples
  • Carry around with you
  • Already printed
  • Shipping included
  • Sent by regular mail

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