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Listing of Presidents and Their Cabinet Members
From George Washington to Barack Obama

Complete Text of Presidents' Inaugural Addrsses:
From George Washington to Barack Obama

Not-Often-Known facts about United States presidents
Zodiak Signs, Cause of Death, Where They Died, Months of Death, Deaths in Order of Age, Where Their Gravesites Are.

Kennedy Alive Newspaper Editions: November 22, 1963
Editions printed between the time of assassination and his death.

The Last Newspaper to Report the Lincoln Assassination
Not surprisingly, it was a pro-Confederate newspaper.

The Postmortem Career of John Wilkes Booth
Some historians allege that Booth escaped the burning barn and lived until 1901. Then his mumified body toured the circus and carnival circuit. Read the fascinating story here -- complete with photos.

Tad Lincoln -- The Not-so-Famous Son of a Most-Famous President
Tad Lincoln was the "Dennis the Menace" of the 1860's but you had to love him. By the way, did you know Tad was born with a cleft palate?

Alexander Graham Bell and the Garfield Assassination
When James Garfield was shot he lingered for many weeks before dying. Alexander Graham Bell came to the White House to try out one of his inventions to help save the President's life -- it failed.

Teddy Roosevelt Shot by Anarchist -- Manuscript of Speech Saves His Life
Teddy Roosevelt was the ultimate long-winded speaker. On at least one occasion it saved his life -- his manuscript of the speech was so thick it stopped the bullet!

Abe Lincoln's Campaign Newspaper
The Railsplitter.

Your First Assignment is to Write a Speech for the President
Eisenhower speech in 1956 "The Future of Freedom."

Did Four Words Make a President?
Origination of "Only Ike Can Win" slogan in 1956.

Find the complete biography of Theodore Roosevelt here.
This site is Teddy Roosevelt's official bio posted by the whitehouse.
Even though the stock market crash of 1929 occurred after Roosevelt's presidency, he was linked to the causes of the Great Depression.
You can visit Roosevelt's birthplace in New York City.
Teddy Roosevelt will forever be remembered as one of the great American presidents of our government.

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